AP Psychology Class Conducts “Baby Lab”

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  On the afternoon of November 7, 2013, the 2nd floor of the ICC witnessed and an unusual event: babies crawling around, laughing, crying (only a few!) and interacting with the S3 students in Jessica Bullock’s AP Psychology classroom. The event, affectionately called the “baby lab,” was part of a yearlong College Board course in psychology and was the brainchild of the AP teacher, Ms. Jessica.


  Five teachers from the ICC volunteered their babies and young children to be participants in a classroom lab on cognitive and social development and everyone involved had a fun-filled afternoon. During the lab S3 students used their knowledge of psychology (and observation skills) to apply what they had learned in class about cognitive, social, and moral behavior to help them determine the developmental stage of each child.


  The highlight for the parents, teachers, and students was observing the children as they crawled around the room, sucked on toys, kicked their legs, waved their hands, and grabbed pencils and whatever else they could get their little hands on.

  Ms. Jessica was very pleased with the outcome of the lab and the information presented in the students’ lab reports. She believes the lab created a memorable experience for her students that will help them retain and understand the difficult concepts and theories required to excel in the College Board exam in May.


  S3 student, Xueyin Chen (Cheryl), summed it up by saying. “It was great! I could actually observe the babies’ behavior and it was so much better than just listening to a lecture. It really helped me apply the knowledge we learned in class and remember it.”

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  2013年11月7日下午,在ICC二层教室中,我们见证了不平凡的一刻:在心理学老师JESSICA带领下, 我们高三的学生和很多小宝宝进行了一场别开生面的互动活动。这样的体验是大学先修心理学课程的一部分,也是JESSICA老师为学生们精心设计和准备的,并饱含热情地称之为“宝宝实验 ”。




  高三Xueyin Chen同学说:“能和小宝宝们如此亲密的接触,真是太棒了,比我们从书本上学到的更真切更深刻,会让我们终生难忘的。”

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